marți, 24 iunie 2014

Running Performance Analyzer App

I usually write on this blog posts related to economy and in Romanian, but today i will make an exception and present an Excel app designed for long-distance runners. As the app is in English, it can be used also by users who don't speak Romanian.  

Why a running app ?

In my free time I am a distance runner too and for 5 years of running I was tracking all distances on paper, so I had on the desk dozens of little papers containing numbers that gave only the information about my monthly distances. Considering this, one day when the stack of papers became too large, I decided to create a small run tracking app that will help me to do this better and easier. The Running Performance Analyzer App was first desingned for my own personal use, to display data about my runs the way i wanted to see it. Of course, there are GPS watches and Android or IOS apps that track data and you can export it to PC and play with it, but i wanted to have it this way. While developing the app, i thought to make it customizable and to offer it for free use to other runners who want to long-term keep track and analyze their runs with it. 

You can see a brief Powerpoint presentation of the App and follow direct download links bellow:

Download Running Performance Analyzer App- v02_unprotected
Upgrade with user defined function for monthly distance average and unprotected code
Download Running Performance Analyzer App- v01

* Use the bottom right button to maximize screen

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